F30/F50 Fetal/Maternal monitor
F30/F50 Fetal/Maternal monitor

Medical eletronic 

Name: F30/F50 Fetal/Maternal monitor

◆7"high resolution digital TFT LCD display

◆With CTG review, playback and fast printing functions

◆High sensitive TOCO probe monitors the mother's uterine contraction in real-time

◆Use multi chip waterproof probe, capture the fetal cardiac signal more accurately

◆Support timing printing and section printing functions, select time segment freely .

◆Optional FISHCHER scoring module helps to understand fetal health condition .

more intuitively

◆Optional Twin monitoring function, accurate FHR detecting

◆Free combination via F6000 obstetric central monitoring system to realize hospital information management

F30 measurement parameters: FHR, FM, TOCO

F50 measurement parameters: FHR, FM, TOCO, NIBP, SPO2, PR,