Multi-function electric bed
Multi-function electric bed

Electric hospital bed series
Name: Multi-function electric bed
Model: BS-868



Standard Configuration;

●Denmark LINAK medical motor system

●Urine hooks,IV drip

●Side rails touch keypad

●Foot panel touch keypad

●With UPS


●Height adjustable from 530 to 710mm

●Back-rest ifting angle is 0-65*(+5)

●Knee-rest lifting angle is 0-43*(+57)

●Trendelenburg are 0-10°

●Rev.Trendelenburg are 0-10

●all achieved by electrically controlled ,with indicator light to show the work status.

●Bed position data could be stored and data could be call out

●Function of weight scale weight data could be stored and managed Off-bed alarming

●Alarm for patient leave the bed

●"Reset" function , bed could back to "Zero" position quickly

Optional configuration:

●Mattress,Mobile food table

●Taiwan Timotion safety voltage motor