About Us

About Amedcare Techology

Who we are

We are a leading company of the high level service and products provider for global market access. We offer a wide range of services and supports to our customers. The fundamental thoughts that energize us are its people and their strict adherence to core values. These core values have resulted in a culture and environment that is formed on customer values and needs. What is important is the way you, our customers and business associates, perceive us. Perception is reality. Because destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice, we made a conscientious decision on what Amedcare’s foundation would be. No rules, only five core values; to be accountable, respectful, honest, resourceful and efficient . This has resulted in a culture and environment which is professional, ethical and moral. What results from this environment is an organization of people, committed to the overall philosophy of Amedcare technology; to be respectful, giving, impartial and willing to serve.

At Amedcare, we believe that our employees provide the foundation for our success. We have cultivated an atmosphere where everyone is respected, different perspectives are recognized, a healthy work-life balance is promoted, and professional development is encouraged. Explore the rewarding career opportunities at Amedcare and join a company where you will truly be valued.

Be assured that we treasure our relationship and will always strive to deserve and maintain your continued support.

What we do

We are experts in developing /manufacturing/sourcing etc. of medical products and service , all those areas where our customers have insufficient capacities to manage and/or would have to gain new skills and abilities. This is how we solve shortfalls  or prevent them right from the beginning.

We understand ourselves as process supervisor, enabler, and development partner for our customers. Our team includes specialists experienced in various fields for hardware and software development, sourcing, purchasing and SCM, clinical affairs, QM, and regulatory affairs. All colleagues are employed on a permanent basis, because only then are we able to provide the quality, continuity, and reliability that will really benefit our customers.


We intend to significantly contribute to today’s medical products/serice with cutting edge technology that will deliver a better products and service for our clients.


We are committed and dedicated to provide Healthcare Professionals with the best solutions, as together we partner to build a healthier future.

Core value

Accountable, respectful, honest, resourceful and efficient